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Interbrand: Global Behemoth

May 11, 2010

Interbrand is the world’s largest brand consultancy, with over 1,200 employees spread across 40 offices globally. Yesterday the folks at the London HQ kindly opened their doors to a mob of 30 LCC students, and treated us to a 2 and a half hour presentation of their brand methodologies and successful recent projects. Creating And Managing Brand Value is the trademarked strapline that projects the company’s core belief that the brand must come first, and all other areas of business flow from it. With over 30 years experience at the forefront of the industry, and clients such as Barclays, MacDonalds, Oxfam, Microsoft, Orange, and BMW, they’re clearly doing something right. Interbrand pursue a 3-step process of Ideas & Design ConceptsVisualisation, and Brand Experience, that ensures relationships with clients are maintained from the initial visualisation of a brand to its continued upkeep in daily operation. As the buzzwords come thick and fast – Clarity (ping!) Consistency (ping!) Leadership (Kerr-ching!) it’s tempting to sneer at the sincerity of the commitment to business strategy, or to suppose that design and creativity are marginalised in favour of the bottom line. But the people we met yesterday showed real passion and enthusiasm for their work; more enthusiasm than many students do for their own personal work. From within our comfy bubble of studenthood it’s easy to pretend that life bears no relation to the commercial world, but this is the business we’re all aiming to be a part of, so we had better get used to the idea that the work we produce in future will make someone (hopefully us) some money.

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