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Goldsmiths: the sitcom

April 24, 2010

BBC4’s Goldsmiths: But Is It Art follows a group of Fine Art MA students through graduation into the world beyond. Sympathetic to a point, the program makers also can’t resist showing the young artists as ridiculous characters, without means of an income or a clue of how to get one. Tutors let rip (“this is dreadful!” is the response to one degree show exhibit), as one baffled student admits his problem with the whole art-thing “I just don’t get it”, and another struggles to articulate anything about his work at all. So far, the student who pinches things, eats them, and shits them out as artworks, is my favourite. Really. Having myself been a student on the BA equivalent at Goldsmiths, the show is both hilarious and painful to watch – easy meat for Ricky Gervais should he ever want to make “The Studio”. Parts 1 and 2 of the show are available on BBC iPlayer now.

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