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New Creative Review

March 26, 2010

Having recently celebrated 30 years on the news stands, Creative Review has undergone a redesign. The latest issue, masterminded by CR art director Paul Pensom, with typographic input from Paul Barnes, is smaller in format, but luxuriates in heavier paper stocks with a range of textures. The change seems to be as financially motivated as it is about aesthetic renewal – “We knew that we needed to make the printed magazine even more distinct from the website. It had to be more tactile, more of a joy to handle, better quality” says Patrick Burgoyne in a recent editorial. New content is also featured, as well as a stronger emphasis on critical opinion, and of course a new logo, set in Dala Floda, by Paul Barnes, a typeface inspired by eroded carved lettering on gravestones. There’s also a new main display face – Theinhardt, a new grotesk from Optimo. The new CR certainly has more character; it feels no less professional or serious, but more personable, and perhaps a little more lovable. It reminds me of Monocle, a handsome periodical if ever there was one.

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