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John Carpenter DVD covers – finished!

February 6, 2010

After much step-and-repeat wrangling, here are the finished covers for the John Carpenter DVD series. I’ll print and photograph them as the finished boxes this week. Aside from the eyeball-wearying process of creating the patterns (those suckers are pixel-accurate), I think the type was the most important element. No matter how immaculately conceived and well executed a project, bad type will kill a design in the water. (I say this confident in the belief that I’ve got it right on this occasion, watch me read this six months from now and cringe …) I plumbed for Foundry Fabriek to reflect the ActionMan military feel of many of the films (those ‘Nam stencil fonts and cowboy-style slab serifs fell just on the wrong side of parody), with Avenir for that European art-house edge.

The next extra-curricular project will be the flyers for an imagined series of events I’ve always wanted to hold, but have never found a venue for, in celebration of the practice of Wyatting. More on that soon.

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