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IDEO Interview

January 27, 2010

The last thing you expect at 10:30 on a Monday morning is to be ambushed by a Industry Scavenger Hunt brief. “Go forth and find designers, and interview them”, Catherine said. “Right now”, she said. Thankfully those nice people at IDEO, who are based not two minutes away, were in the mood for a chat. Industrial designer Geraint Edwards was kind enough to spend ten minutes answering our hastily-prepared questions, and telling us a little about his experiences at the company. Researching types of chocolate, traveling to Zurich and Brussels to deliver presentations, it’s certainly enough to make a lowly student envious. There is hope though: Geraint began working at IDEO as an intern in 2007, straight after graduating from CSM, and walked into a job there shortly afterwards. He said the company has been very supportive of his professional development, and would reccomend them for internships (though the London office hasn’t been hiring interns during the financial downturn, there are offices in Chicago, Munich, Shanghai, and San Francisco).

Here’s a picture of their wall-of-cool-stuff, which includes the world’s first flip-up screen laptop (IDEO patented the idea, so they’ve been enjoying a cut from the manufacture of pretty much every laptop on the planet since then), a new Havaianas bag, and the very same radio which I’ve got in my kitchen. Ha! I always knew I had good taste.

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