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Stefan Sagmeister

January 21, 2010

Stefan Sagmeister has done some great and innovative things in the name of self-promotion, or in promotion of some of the ethical causes he supports. Here are a couple of examples:

Stefan organised a team of over 100 volunteers to spend 8 days creating a “coin-mural“, from 250,000 eurocents, on a street in Amsterdam. Once complete, passers-by were allowed to help themselves to the coins until eventually none remained.

For another project, he took the budget he was given to create a work to promote the discrepancy between US spending on arms (lots), with their spending on education and foreign aid (not so much). The money would have been enough to buy 1 full page of advertising space in one issue of the New york Times. He chose to spend it on making 3 pig-shaped cars of different sizes, each relating to a different US budget expenditure. The cars are still on the road after several years, being driven around the world by volunteers (Stefan says it’s always easy to find people who want to drive a car that is shaped like a pig). At each place they visit, they receive local press coverage for free, and the cars have been on the road for over four years now, so the investment has paid off!

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