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Graphic Design On The Radio

January 21, 2010

Okay, here’s a question with an obvious answer: why is design so rarely featured on the radio? Seem a bit unfair, or just common sense? Posing the question for our current Networking project, I began to consider if it might be possible to produce a series of podcasts that would successfully translate design from an originally visual, to audio format? Discussion about design or with designers would be an obvious way to achieve this. Or presenting actual verbal descriptions of design works. For example: “It’s an album cover. Yellow background, with two rows of black text at the top, and a cut-out pink strip below, diagonally across the cover, with reversed-out yellow letters” (a short descriptionthe Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks album cover. Probably a bit beyond the scope of our project, but while pondering the possibility I came across Adrian Shaughnessy’s Graphic Design On The Radio show, which was originally broadcast on Resonance FM. the show works a bit like Desert Island Discs, with Adrian interviewing guests including Rick Poynor, Stefan Sagmeister, and Storm Thorgerson, interspersed with tracks of their choosing.

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