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New Year! New Blog! New Project!

January 17, 2010

The whole New Year thing may be getting a little old, but at least it ties nicely into the launch of this, my new blog. That’s right, it’s farewell Blogger, hello WordPress. I’ve transferred all my old posts to this new address, though it will take me a little while to get them reformatted. Do bear with me: the whole thing will look a bit shoddy for a while.

Anyway, now back at college for the spring term, and we have a new project: NETWORKING.

Our main objectives are:
1. To meet other design professionals and students
2. To promote ourselves as designers.

It’s early days yet, but here’s a list of criteria that we may or may not need to fulfill to achieve success:
1. Involve other designers
2. Create an online presence
3. Stage an event or something that creates a real-world presence, relating back to the online content.
4. Be creative
5. Do something FUN and INTERESTING

– functioning blog
– Off-line website
– “Real world” event
– Online event, broadcast via U-stream
– A publicity stunt involving the subversion of something already well-known by the public.
– open briefs, like YCN or Don’t Panic
– Something that anyone can contribute to, like the Doodle Bar, or Johanna Basford’s Twitter Pictures:


1.Crit site.
Audience: For students and recent graduates.
What is it: Members can post examples of finished or unfinished work, and ask for advice and feedback from other members. Work featured on the site goes into an online portfolio when finished. There could be “real world” exhibitions of work from the portfolio.
Why: The members share their knowledge and skills, hopefully becoming better designers in the process.
Potential problems: Would require the involvement of tutors or industry professionals to validate the quality of the criticism available. Would need to be carefully moderated, and members would need to trust each other. Would perhaps have to remain small-scale. Privacy..?

2. Blank Canvas.
Audience: Design industry and collectors of cool design-stuff
What is it: Briefs are set each month (?), each one an invitation to designers and illustrators to create artwork to decorate a blank product, eg. a mac mouse, snowboard, i-phone case etc. All submissions are featured on the website, and the best design is put into production and sold through the website.
Why: A unique outlet for designer’s skills and a chance to create a unique product that promotes their work.
Potential problems: A lot to organise. A bit off-brief – we’re not supposed to be making money!

3. Creative speed-dating
Audience: Creatives from various disciplines
What is it: A networking website for designers to advertise their services to musicians, artists etc – people who require designers’ services, but don’t have the money to pay for the work. Designers do the work for free, for the benefit of the experience. Completed projects are featured on the website.
Why: Designers get the experience of live brief.
Problems: Off-brief. More of a way of getting freelance work experience than networking. Not much benefit to designers.

Chris, do you want to summerise the “Home” idea?

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