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From the archives… Silent Madness (in 3D!)

January 5, 2010

The other day, in a search for illustrated film posters for John Carpenter films, I stumbled upon a site named Cover Browser. Maintained by Phillip Lenssen, the site features nearly half a million images from the covers of comics, pulp magazines, books, as well as movie posters, and unusually for an archive of this size, the quality remains pretty high throughout. The site also contains this helpful piechart, which explains how the contents shape-up.

There are plenty of similar archives out there, such as B-Movie poster site Wrong Side of The Art, or the 100 posters featured on Andrew Lindstrom’s Well Medicated blog (Andrew’s site also features some great collections of vintage tobacco ads, gig posters, and vintage space-age scenes), and I’ll try to get round to featuring something on them soon. For now though, these examples come from Cover Browser’s horror movie posters archive. Some, like this Saul Bass poster for Otto Preminger’s 1965 thriller, Bunny Lake Is Missing, are refreshingly understated. Even this poster for George Romero’s Day Of The Dead (not a film known for holding back on the red stuff) is well considered and very unlike most horror movie posters.

…then again some others are, y’know, not quite so understated… but then what would you expect from film with titles such as Silent Madness (In 3D!) and, er… The Cauldron of Death? Hard-hitting stuff indeed.

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