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Grandma Jailed For Xmas

December 23, 2009

So I’ve finally gotten off my lazy bee-hind and made a new blog* to house the snapshots of the Hackney Gazette headline boards that I’ve been collecting for the past 3 years or so. The blog is named after one of my favourites – Grandma Jailed For Xmas, and is formatted to contain a homepage that lists words taken from the featured headlines, each one a link to the related image. I’ve used the same yellow and black colourscheme, and stripped away any extra details, so the list itself resembles a headline. By presenting a single word from each headline I’m attempting to focus upon the source of the humour – the limited and superlative vocabulary. Sort of like listening to someone speak! With! An! Exclaimation! Mark! After! Every! Word!
*While creating the blog I found that there’s already another very similar blog that reproduces the headlines in text form, without images. There are no contact details on the blog, but if anyone reading this knows who’s behind it, then do please put us in touch somehow. It’s always good to meet your neighbours.


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