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Jazz Hamsters

December 11, 2009
Did you know hamsters could play jazz? Neither did I, until I came across a post on the Creative Review blog, about Infinity Productions‘ new campaign for mineral water manufacturer (can you manufacture mineral water?) Drench. Their strapline Perform At Your Best. Stay Drenched. taps the whole your-brain-is-75%-water-so-without-enough-water-you’re-a-goggling-idiot argument, using it to suggest that well-hydrated hamsters will display unexpectedly high standards of improvisational musicianship. Obviously i don’t care about any of that, but look at those hamsters go!
While common wisdom suggests that working with animals is generally a bad idea, I think this ad proves that if you can find a way to let animals just do what they do (like drag their bum across the carpet, or, er, hibernate), then you can save a packet on your budget.
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