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22 logos in 22 minutes

November 23, 2009

Last week I read a post on David Airey’s Logo Design Love blog entitled 33 logos in 33 minutes, in which he includes photos of the first 33 logos he sees every morning – toothpaste, shower gel, etc. I had a go at doing the same thing myself, and quickly realised that I see way more than one logo per minute for the first half hour of the day.
(there are probably trappist monks living in complete isolation at the top of mountains in the desert who would struggle to see fewer than one logo per minute while undertaking their morning routines).
So here’s a selection of some of the most interesting ones, including the hubcap from a Morris Minor, lip balm from New York, the Coca-Cola logo on the side of a crate bought in a flea market in Rio, and a tin of Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which features the bizarre image of a lion’s corpse being picked-over by bees*.
*apparently a biblical reference, as is the company’s motto – “Out of the strong came forth sweetness”. Wikipedia is useful for something!

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