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GDF project: Oxfam, the brand

November 19, 2009
I won’t go into great detail here, but I’ve decided to side-step the dubious politics of smaller Pressure Groups such as the Countryside Alliance and Fathers 4 Justice (seriously, these guys are just plain wrong. Just have a look at their self-congratulatory FHM-tastic website) and select a larger organisation as the Client of my GDF project. This will allow me to explore a wider scope range of possible formats (larger budget = more choice), and provide a consistent brand to work with. I’d like to see how creative I can be while working within the confines of a set of existing brand guidelines, as a designer in a real world, or live project would. So – Hello Oxfam.

Oxfam’s sprawling website contains details of their core Health and Education Campaign, as well as other issues such as Climate Change, Gender Equality, and Fair Trade. Also featured are profiles of Oxfam health workers from around globe, some quite nifty reshaped world maps created by Mapping Worlds, and most relevant form me, branding guidelines, which give details of the correct fonts, colour combinations, and use of the their logo:

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