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www: the basics

November 18, 2009

The other day David gave a tutorial in the basics of web design. We used Freeway and Dreamweaver to set up files and create two pages, with buttons to navigate between them. There are short instructional films on setting up a domain name, as well as basic tutorials in both programmes, on his Doing Graphics site.

I’m also starting a short course in Dreamweaver at City Lit in a couple of weeks. I’ve got absolutely ZERO experience in web design (I’m at the same stage as your dad, when the new video player has just arrived arrived, and he’s trying to feed the cassette in sideways), so David’s workshop was a timely introduction. Everyone* keeps saying how important it is to have examples of work online already, so I’m going to bring forward my own deadline for setting up a portfolio site to the New Year.

*The latest person being Toby Leigh, a freelance illustrator who gave a talk today about his experiences in business. His work’s very professional-looking, and certainly commercial, but I’m far keener on the info-graphic-parodies he produces under his alter-ego guise of Tobatron:
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