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November 9, 2009
Spot the difference:

The recent news of Cadbury’s recent rejection of Kraft’s hostile takeover bid reminded me of the bus stop ads that came out a while ago to promote the rebranding of freakish children’s dairy product Cheestrings. The ads bore an uncanny resemblance to the long-established Cadbury’s Dairy Milk branding, both in the purple and white colour scheme, and the “glass of real milk” imagery.

Now, consider that the people behind the Cheestrings rebrand are advertising golden boys Fallon, who also produced the recent Cadbury’s Glass And A Half Full Productions, featuring the gorilla, the kiddie eyebrows, and the airport trucks. Although there’s nothing much yet to promote the Cheestrings-connection on their slightly creepy rustling flash website, I get the distinct impression that Fallon are operating above the law here.

And weirdly, although the Cheestrings product is unrelated to Kraft, there has been speculation that Cheestring producers Kerry foods may benefit from the current buy-out wrangling with an opportunity to consolidate their own portfolio of cheese-based products…

…this is too much, my head is hurting. Here’s an Eastenders remix of Fallon’s Cadbury Gorilla ad:
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