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100 collages: Exercises in Style / Groundhog Day

October 28, 2009
Matt Madden’s comic artists’ textbook 99 Ways To Tell A Story: Exercises in Style presents 99 different interpretations of a brief 8-panel story, an idea taken from Raymond Queneau’s Exercises In Style (1947), which features 99 interpretations of the same short story retold in different tenses, and in different styles such as free verse, sonnet, and telegram. Madden likewise retells his story from a variety of perspectives and in many styles, including superhero comic, 3-panel daily, and even as a newly discovered fragment of the Beyeux Tapestry. Here are three examples:
Original template.



So, inspired by Matt Madden, and the cropping and image workshops from earlier this term, I’ve decided to use a single image for my series of 100 collages, and to see if I can produce 100 variations based upon the 10 themes. I’m aware that this may end in a snivelling admission of defeat, but I think it’s worth a go. 100 is a big number, but 10×10 doesn’t sound so bad …
Rather than take an image randomly from a newspaper or other already available printed source, I’ve chosen to use a still from the 1993 existential romantic comedy
Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again. After watching the whole thing several times I’ve realised that it’s not a great-looking movie, but still I’ve managed to weed-out a dozen or so candidates. Here are a three of them:

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