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Letterpress: part 1

October 17, 2009

Cut-short by a fire alarm, our first letterpress session consisted mainly of an introduction to the terminology of the trade – Picas, Beards, Shoulders, EM and EN spaces, and my favourite, “The Stick”; illustrated above, held in the correct manner (letterpress is harder than it looks, and just as time-consuming!). We each set our name in Baskerville 12pt, ranged left, on an 18 pica measure. Here are the results from the proofing press –

And here are some images of the studio itself:

We have another 3 sessions to go, but in the meantime I’ve been looking at examples of what letterpress can be used for. Here are some of the best I’ve found…

…including works with a traditional feel by Douglas Wilson
…and Kelli Anderson
…some very crisp greetings cards by The Sycamore Street Press
…and a kind of Otl Aicher-inspired retro-futuristic approach by Gavin Potenza. Lovely stuff.
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